How to create cinematic hip hop music on Maschine Plus Tutorial


How to create Cinematic Hip hop music on Maschine plus? 

Whether you're making music for tv shows, games, or films, this video can help you get started!

I started with 100 bpm, and created a simple chord progression using string pads.   I chose a minor key to give this score a dramatic feel.  

I added more layers to create an alternative part in the arrangement of the song.  

The next thing I added was a bass line, which is very essential in cinematic music.  To keep it simple, I played the root note of each chord in my progression. 

To create a form of anticipation I added a repeating note.

Next I added horns to double up on the chord progression that already exists.  This will give it more depth. 

Then I added an essential part to any score and that's the melody!

I decided to use a horn, because they feel so anthemic!  I created 2 different harmonies to alternate between the two in the song arrangement. 

Then I added some atmospheric sound effects to help bring more depth to the score.

After adding the sound effects, I added in some drums to help drive the momentum of the track.

From there I added an arp to help keep the momentum going, and a drum sound arpeggiated to resemble the sound of a timpani.

I hope this video helps you create your own cinematic score!