How to Automate pitch on Maschine Plus


How to automate and change the pitch of a sample on Maschine Plus / MK3? This video will help! 🎓 Ultimate Guide to using Maschine Plus as a standalone! 🟢 ➳

What I used in this video: 🥁Maschine Plus: 

Time Stamps ⏰ Intro 0:00 

Activating Automation: 0:05 

Recording Automation 0:18 

Changing Sample Pitch: 0:20 

Removing Automation 0:30 

Changing Audio Pitch: 0:42 

Outro 0:57

Once you have your sample, make sure you’re in the plugin mode and in sound.

Here you’ll have the option to alter the pitch.  In order to create an automation, you can hold the auto button while you change your parameters or you can hold down shift + auto to Make the auto button sticky.

Once your automation is created you should see a white circle pop up next to the parameter you've changed. 

Make sure you deselect auto once you’ve finished your automation to avoid creating unintended automation.

How do you start over if you don’t like the automation?  Just hold down shift + erase, and tap the parameter you’d like to change.

You can automate tuning on an audio plugin as well. 

Record your audio hold down auto and change the pitch parameter.

And that’s it!  I hope this videos helps, Peace!