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New Balance

Ring - "You da boss"


Queen sugar - i can't stand it

New section

tv Placements

Naomi - cw show

"Have a little fun"

My song “Have a little fun” with is on Season 1 episode 5 of @thecwnaomi Tv show on CW!!

Super Grateful!! 

catfish placement

various instrumentals

Such a dream come true!! I'm totally grateful for all of the continued success I'm receiving!  Check out the new episodes on catfish to hear my music.


Song "You da Boss"

Listen on Apply Music, Spotify, Tidal and more.

Coming Out 2020

Song "Come and Get it"

Listen on Apple music, Spotify, tidal and more


The Club Season 1

Our song "I'm the Empire" Written by Myself Danny Oauna and Jonathan Merkel. 

Queen Sugar - TV Series

Song " I can't Stand it"

Listen on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and more

Family Reunion Love & HipHop

Dramedy instrumental

Super cool placement on VH1 Love and Hip Hop!

All American: Homecoming CW

Song "Will not be beat"

Super excited 😁😁❤️🦒🙏 #supergrateful Thank you @whoopsiedaisymusic and

@instylemusic for connecting the dots!!

the Hype - Hbo max

Songs: Keys to the City & Like it or not!

Super excited about this placement!  We've got 2 songs on this Series!! Keys to the City & Like it or not! 

MArried at first sight

Couples Cam

I've gotten a few instrumentals placed on this show and I'm elated! So grateful!!!!

Family Karma

Various Instrumentals

Super Excited about this placement! Tune in to listen! On Bravo! 


Song "Come and get it"

Listen on Apple music, Spotify, tidal and more

24 to Life


Be sure to tune in on the Life time Network to catch our music!

16 and PRegnant

Song " Like a Miracle"

Live now on all streaming platforms.

Bel- Air : Peacock

Song : "Big Mad"

My song “Big Mad” is on Bel Air Episode 3 on @peacocktv Network. Huge shout out to @beatchamber for landing us this placement! #supergrateful 🦒🦒🦒🦒


Come & Get it

Super dope placement of our song Come & Get it on Dollface! 

Listen on Spotify

Catfish Placement

Various Instrumentals

I got some cool compositions on this show!! Super stoked about it and totally grateful!!

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real House Wives Of Atlanta


Various Instrumental collaboration!

Queen Sugar - Tv Series

Song "Come and get it"

Listen on Apple music, Spotify, tidal  and more.


song: you da boss

Listen on all streaming platforms, Spotify link below

Siesta Key

Song "Come & Get It!

Listen on Apple music, Spotify, tidal and more

Ad placements

Maybelline New York

Commercial Song "You da Boss"

Listen on Apple Music, Spotify, tidal and more

After Pay

Song: You Da Boss

I love love love all of the long our song "You da boss" is getting!  This company has used our instrumental on their promo.  Live on All Streaming Platforms.

dell xps - expand your Youniverse

Instrumental of our Song "Get It"

Super excited and overly grateful for this placement! Our song "Get It" was featured in this commercial using our instrumental!

Famous Footwear


Our song was placed on a Famous Footwear Commercial. Special Shout Out to Scout Music. 

Comcast Commercial

Song "Come and get it"

Listen on Apple music, Spotify, tidal and more

Ring Always Home Cam

Our song "You da Boss" instrumental

Super Excited about this commercial placements!!!! Ring has featured out song You da boss's instrumental in their new promo.

Film placements

Independent Film

The Will

Custom composition for an independent film.  Special Shout Out to Duan Duan 

Short Film

Blossom and the Decrepit Man

Director/Editor: @schwagel_bagel
Producer: @staadsy
DP/Color: 🤟
Composer: @janaeenimsaj
Costume Designer: @actuallylaine
Prop Maker: Danny Market
Production Sound: @owenimgrund
Sound design: @_toadboy
Set Photographer: @abigail.brandt
Blossom: @reanna_madson
Decrepit Man: @boopityschmooples

game placements


Song: Make it Happen

Super excited to have this placement!  Our song "Make it happen" plays during the building block time.