How to price your songs in music sync as an independent artist? 

Some Popular Questions from Indie Artists around the world:

  • What happens when someone contacts you with interest in licensing one of your songs?
  • How much should I charge for a song? 
  • What type of contract do I need to provide?

In my opinion there are a few ways to go about answering these questions.

If you are an indie artist, and you don't have time or experience in doing administration work, you may not want to take on the task of negotiation and licensing agreement.  So the option that's most…

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Top 25 Music Licensing Agencies for Independent Artists 

People are asking me daily about how I got my music on a Famous Footwear commercial. The thing is I’ve contacted and submitted my music to companies who accept submissions from independent artists and work closely with independent artists. 

I thought it would be very beneficial to share my list of licensing agencies since there are so many independent artists I’m connected with. 

So here’s my personal list of the Top 25 music licensing agencies for independent artists. These are the ones I’ve contacted and…

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