Maschine + | Live looping with mute groups

This is a Maschine + Tutorial on how to Live loop on Maschine + using mute groups! This is another cool way to do a live performance after you've already created the entire beat! Usually I'll do a live loop…

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20 Things every Maschine + User Should Know

Here are 20 Things every Maschine + User Should Know! 

  • Thinking about getting a Maschine Plus? 😎 Here's a link! 
  • Purchase the MK3 🥁

TimeStamps: ⏰ 

  • Intro: 0:00 - 0:27 
  • How to edit Multiple Pads: 0:27: 1:10 
  • Mute…
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Fables Walkthrough - Native Instruments

Fables Walkthrough

Native Instruments Fables is a cinematic library of evolving ensemble textures. Seamlessly blend and layer a collection of lush acoustic instruments across a three-layer engine to shape your own multi-dimensional soundscapes. 

  • - Perform expressively with polyphonic aftertouch 
  • -…
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How to change chords faster on Piano ( Piano Hack )

Hi there,

I'm a composer / artist however, I'm not a pianist.  So switching between chords was a bit of a challenge for me until I learned this really cool hack!  

This piano hack is called “inversions”! It has changed…

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Top 25 Music Licensing Agencies for Independent Artists

People are asking me daily about how I got my music on a Famous Footwear commercial. The thing is I’ve contacted and submitted my music to companies who accept submissions from independent artists and work closely with independent artists. 


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